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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions and the terms and conditions in the latest catalogue set out the basis on which you can use our website and place orders for items. By ordering goods from Studio you are deemed to have understood and accepted these terms which include an obligation to pay. The supplier of the goods featured on this website is Studio a trading name of Express Gifts Limited (“we”, “us”). Registered office 2 Gregory Street, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 4TH (do not post to this address).

When you submit an order to us on our website you will receive an email acknowledging your order and giving you estimated timescales for delivery. This email does not constitute acceptance of the order by us. Your order is accepted and a contract is formed between you and us when we dispatch the goods you have ordered and not before. Until the goods are dispatched the order may not be accepted by Studio. An Order Dispatched email will be sent to you when your items have been dispatched. If your order is dispatched in more than one parcel, you may receive separate Order Dispatched emails for each parcel, and each Order Dispatched email and corresponding dispatch will conclude a separate contract of sale between us for the product(s) specified in that Order Dispatched email. Any goods supplied will conform to the contract.

About Our Product Replacement or Breakdown Plan

Product Replacement or Breakdown Plan

Updated: 14/10/2014

1.1       This document sets out the benefits, conditions and exclusions of Your Product Replacement or Breakdown Plan. This plan has been arranged by Express Gifts Limited and underwritten by Enterprise Insurance Company PLC (The Insurer), registered in Gibraltar No 89698, whose registered office is Suite 3, 2nd Floor, Icom House, 1-5 Irish Town, Gibraltar. Enterprise Insurance Company PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar and is licensed to operate in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority, Financial Services Register number 402277. This insurance is administered and claims are handled on behalf of The Insurer by Business & Domestic Administration Services which is a trading style of Motorway Direct PLC. Motorway Direct PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Financial Services Register number 311741. Registered Office; Warranty House, Savile Street East, Don Valley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S4 7UQ. Registered in England & Wales No. 03222540. Group VAT registration: 804 0501 84. If You have any questions please contact Express Gifts Limited.
1.2.      Copies of this plan can be made available, on request, in alternative media forms as required under the Disability Discrimination legislation. Please contact Us for more details.
1.3       This plan covers the Product specified in the schedule and only applies when:
1.3.1.      The manufacturer’s warranty expires; and
1.3.2.      You have purchased this plan;
1.4.      The period of cover is shown in your schedule of insurance. Certain conditions and exclusions also apply – see sections 4, 5 and 6 below.
1.5.      Certain words and phrases have special meanings. These are explained in the Definitions section of this document.

2.1.      In this document the following words and phrases are in Bold and have the meanings shown after them:
2.1.1.      Express Gifts Limited - The parent company for Studio.
2.1.2.      Product/s - the item/s You have purchased from Express Gifts Limited that are covered under this plan.
2.1.3.      Purchase Price - the amount You originally paid for the Product.
2.1.4.      Sum Insured - the price You paid for Your Products or the full selling price of the Product purchased, whichever is the lesser amount
2.1.5.      The Insurer/They/Their - Enterprise Insurance Company PLC.
2.1.6.      UK - England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.
2.1.7.      We, Us, Our - Business & Domestic Administration Services.
2.1.8.      You - the person named on the schedule.
2.1.9.      Your - belonging to You.

3.1.      This plan covers the Product specified in the schedule and provides You with a repair or replacement when it breaks down and fails to operate as intended by the manufacturer.
3.2.      This plan only applies to domestic appliances and that were originally designed for domestic use.
3.3.      The breakdown must be entirely due to a sudden and unforeseen internal mechanical or electrical defect causing the actual breaking or burning out of a part.
3.4.      The breakdown must have occurred while the Product was in the UK.
3.5.      In the event of a valid breakdown claim:
3.5.1.      If Your Product has an original Purchase Price of £200 or less, The Insurer will provide an exact replacement, or if this is not possible, They will provide a product of like kind and quality from Express Gifts Limited.
3.5.2.      If Your Product has an original Purchase Price in excess of £200, then The Insurer will pay the cost of repairing your Product. If We are unable to repair your Product then They will provide you with an exact replacement or, if this is not possible, a product of like kind and quality from Express Gifts Limited.
3.5.3.      If no replacement can be found, at The Insurer’s discretion We will arrange for a credit to be applied to the account through which the original purchase was made. However, The Insurer will only pay the Purchase Price of the Product, or £1000, whichever is lower.

4.1.      This plan does not cover:
4.1.1.      Electrical or mechanical breakdown for which the manufacturer, supplier or any other person may be held responsible under the terms of any guarantee or warranty;
4.1.2.      Cosmetic Damage;
4.1.3.      Consumable items including but not limited to discs, records, tapes, styli, cartridges, software, aerials or aerial sockets, air or water filters, light bulbs, plugs, fuses, batteries, disposable bags, belts, brushes or tools;
4.1.4.      Breakdown caused by external means, malicious damage or neglect by any other person;
4.1.5.      Permanent or temporary interruption of electricity or water supplies;
4.1.6.      Transportation or installation.
4.2.      Breakdown due to:
4.2.1.      General wear and tear;
4.2.2.      Blockages or breakages to the external supply and drainage hoses;
4.2.3.      Over-icing of cooling Products;
4.2.4.      Tuning or aerial faults;
4.2.5.      Not following manufacturers operating instructions;
4.2.6.      The incorrect setting of automatic controls or thermostats;
4.2.7.      The use of accessories not approved by the manufacturer;
4.2.8.      Using the wrong or abnormal electricity or water supplies;
4.2.9.      Fire, flood, lightning, storm, tempest, explosion, impact, aircraft or other aerial device or article dropped from, theft or attempted theft, accidental damage including water damage or any other external cause;
4.2.10.   Any claim due to terrorism, riot or war.

5.1.      You will not be able to claim for the following:
5.1.1.      Any costs if no fault is found or a part is not burnt out or broken;
5.1.2.      Breakdown if You have failed to carry out general or regular maintenance as required or recommended by the manufacturer;
5.1.3.      Any breakdown if left in Your unoccupied house for any period more than 45 consecutive days or left in Your house that is let out to tenant(s) or shared with tenants or lodgers;
5.1.4.      Any breakdown arising outside of the UK;
5.1.5.      Any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the appliance Product or any loss over and above the cost of the Product.

6.1.      The Insurer will only provide cover for Your Product if You agree to take all reasonable steps to protect Your Product to prevent breakdown or minimise the effects of a breakdown once it has occurred.
6.2.      To be protected under this plan You must be over 18 years of age.
6.3.      All claims must be made within 30 days of discovery of the incident. Failure to do so may invalidate Your claim.
6.4.      If You change Your address, please contact Express Gifts Limited with the new details and a replacement certificate will be issued. If You return the Product within the first 12 months You may transfer this plan to the new Product and the effective date will be amended.
6.5.      If the Product is replaced following a claim, The Insurer will own the replaced Product and the plan will terminate. If the replacement Product is to be covered, You will need to buy a new plan.
6.6.      You have an obligation under this policy to ensure the information you provide is true and correct to the best of your knowledge. You must also honestly answer any questions we ask and take reasonable care that Your replies are accurate and complete. This also applies to any additional information you volunteer to us. Your Product Replacement or Breakdown Plan may be cancelled if You give false information which You knew about or suspected to be false or misleading on or before the start of the plan if such information was material to Our decision to provide insurance under the policy. The Insurer may demand You repay or return any Product or payment They have already provided to You. The Insurer will keep the premium You have paid.
6.7.      The Insurer reserves the right to amend the terms of this insurance contract by giving You no less than 30 days’ notice of Their intention to do so. Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to vary the terms of Your Product Replacement or Breakdown Plan. Some of the circumstances that may warrant The Insurer having to vary the terms of Your Product Replacement or Breakdown Plan may include:
6.7.1.      legislative or regulatory changes;
6.7.2.      economic changes;
6.7.3.      response to the performance of the insurance scheme;
6.7.4.      The Insurers claims experience of the policy; or
6.7.5.      market changes for this type of policy.
6.8.      Please note that this list is indicative of some of the reasons that may lead to The Insurer having to vary Your Product Replacement or Breakdown Plan and is not an exhaustive list. Any notification of a change to Your Product Replacement or Breakdown Plan will include a detailed explanation for change.
6.9.      Unless The Insurer agrees otherwise, English law will apply, to Your plan. The Company with which You are contracted is Enterprise Insurance Company PLC, which is established in Gibraltar.
6.10.    This plan does not affect Your statutory rights relating to faulty or mis-described goods. For further information about Your statutory rights, contact Your local authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.

7.1.      You can cancel Your plan by writing to Express Gifts Limited, Express House, Clayton Business Park, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 5JY or please call 0371 376 9953 or e-mail If You do this within the first 12-months (manufacturer's warranty period) You will receive a full refund of the premium You have paid. If You cancel Your plan at any time after the expiry of the manufacturer’s initial 12 month warranty, You may be entitled to a pro-rata refund for each complete unexpired months cover, calculated at the date the cancellation request is received. This means that a refund will only be provided for every complete month of the plan remaining from the date You request the plan is cancelled.
     For example, if You have a two year plan and request that Your plan is cancelled anytime during the seventh month, You will be entitled to a refund for the remaining full 17 months. This will be calculated as 17/24th of the premium You have paid as follows: The premium taken for a plan is £26.00, therefore the refund would be £26.00/24 x 17 = £18.41.
7.2.      Cancellations will not be backdated.
7.3.      The Insurer may cancel Your plan under the same circumstances as listed under General Conditions 6.7, 6.7.1, 6.7.2, 6.7.3, 6.7.4 and 6.7.5. They will give You 14 day’s written notice at Your last known address; in this case They will give a proportionate refund of the premium You have paid.

8.1.      Cover will end automatically on whichever of the following happens first:
8.1.1.      The date Your item is replaced;
8.1.2.      The date You cancel your plan ;
8.1.3.      The date The Insurer cancels Your plan or
8.1.4.      The date Your plan expires.

9.1.      If Your Product develops a fault You should check that all electrical connections are in working order and then read the manufacturer’s instruction book to assess whether You can rectify the fault yourself.
9.2.      If You are unable to rectify the problem and need to make a claim, please contact Us on 03300 555 244 to ask for a claim form.
9.3.      Send Your completed claim form, together with the Product, if required, and any supporting documentation (i.e. the statement showing the purchase of the Product and insurance) to Business & Domestic Administration Services, Warranty House, Savile Street East, Don Valley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S4 7UQ.
9.4.      In the event that We require further information You must provide all reports, information and evidence that We request at Your own expense. The following list is indicative of some of the information that We may request and is not an exhaustive list:
9.4.1.      a quotation for repair;
9.4.2.      a completed claim form; or
9.4.3.      a copy of Your statement showing purchase of the Your Product Replacement or Breakdown Plan.
9.5.      You must arrange and pay to send the Product to Us, if We ask.
9.6.      During Your claim We may arrange for an agent to visit You to gather details about Your claim. This will help Us to make an accurate assessment.
9.7.      Once The Insurer has replaced Your Product up to the Sum Insured, following a valid claim, this protection on that Product will end. If You wish to have the replacement Product insured You must purchase a new plan.

10.1.    We care about the service We provide to You and We make every effort to maintain the highest possible standards. If You have any questions about Your plan please ask Us. Please have this document available so that We can deal with Your enquiry speedily.

11.1.    Although We set ourselves high standards, if We do not meet Your expectations and You are dissatisfied in some way, We would like to know. If You follow the guidelines below, Your complaint will be dealt with in the most efficient way possible.
11.2.    If Your complaint is regarding the sale of Your plan, send details of Your complaint to Express Gifts Limited, Express House, Clayton Business Park, Accrington, Lancashire, BB5 5JY or please call 0371 376 9953 or e-mail
11.3.    If Your complaint is regarding Your plan or a claim, please contact our Customer Services Manager either by telephone on 03300 555 245, or by e-mail to Alternatively write to us at Business & Domestic Administration Services, Warranty House, Savile Street East, Don Valley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S4 7UQ.
11.4.    If You are still not satisfied with the way We have dealt with Your complaint You can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service to review Your case. In order for the Financial Ombudsman Service to review Your case, You must send Your complaint to them within 6 months of the date of Our final letter to You. You can contact the service at the following address: Exchange Tower, Harbour Exchange, London, E14 9SR. Phone 0800 023 4567. Calls to this number are normally free if You are calling from a fixed line phone (e.g. a landline at home) - but charges may apply if You call from a mobile phone. Phone: 0300 123 9123. Calls to this number are charged at the same rate as 01 or 02 numbers on mobile phone tariffs. These numbers may not be available from outside the UK - so if You are calling from abroad please telephone on +44 20 7964 0500. This procedure will not prejudice your rights to take legal action.

12.1.    You cannot transfer Your rights and obligations under this contract to another person.

13.1.    We are committed to maintaining the personal data that You provide in accordance with the requirements of data protection legislation. Our Privacy Statement below gives further information about this.
13.2.    Business & Domestic Administration Services, their other related entities, and carefully selected third parties may use Your personal data to keep You informed about insurance Products, services and special offers that may be of interest to You. If You do not wish Your personal information to be used in this way please write to Us.

14.1.    You are advised that any telephone calls made to Our administration and claims handling units may be monitored or recorded. This is to monitor the accuracy of the information provided by Our customers and Our own staff. It may also be used to provide additional training to Our staff or prove that Our procedures comply with legal and regulatory requirements. Our staff are aware that conversations can be monitored and recorded.
14.2.    The Insurer is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). You may be entitled to compensation from the scheme if The Insurer cannot complete Their obligations. This depends on the type of business and the circumstances of the claim. For claims against insurers 90% of the claim is covered with no upper limit. Further information about the compensation scheme is available from or by phoning 0800 678 1100 or 0207 741 4100 or in writing to Financial Services Compensation Scheme, 10th Floor Beaufort House, 15 St Botolph Street, London EC3A 7QU.
14.3.    This plan is underwritten by Enterprise Insurance Company PLC (The Insurer), registered in Gibraltar No 89698, whose registered office is Suite 3, 2nd Floor, Icom House, 1-5 Irish Town, Gibraltar.
14.4.    Enterprise Insurance Company PLC is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar and is licensed to operate in the United Kingdom by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can check this on the Financial Services Register at or by calling 0800 111 6768.
14.5.    If You or anyone acting on Your behalf makes any false or fraudulent claim or supports a claim by false or fraudulent document, device or statement, this policy shall be void and You will forfeit all rights under the policy. In such circumstances, The Insurer retains the right to keep the premium and to recover any sums paid by way of benefit under the policy. We may also pass Your details to the Police, fraud investigators or other relevant organisation.

15.1.    Your data controller
15.1.1.   For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998, We are the data controllers for any personal information You give in relation to any claim under this insurance.
15.1.2.   We will keep Your personal information confidential and will only use it or process it as allowed by law. We will make sure that the information We hold about You is accurate and up to date, and We will not keep it for longer than We need to. We will protect Your information against unauthorised or unlawful processing, and accidental loss or damage to the information.
15.2.    How We will use Your personal data
15.2.1.   We will use Your data for a number of different purposes, including the following.      To manage Your plan.      To assess Your application and any claims including carrying out credit checks and fraud checks.      To contact You with details of changes to the Products You have bought.      For Our own review and analysis of the Your Product Replacement or Breakdown Plan Product      To meet legal and regulatory conditions or rules.      To identify You when You contact Us.
15.3.    We may ask other organisations to process Your personal data for Us in line with these purposes.
15.4.    Sensitive personal data
15.4.1.   If You provide sensitive personal data, We (and Our related companies) may also process it, both manually and electronically for the same purposes described in this privacy statement. Sensitive personal data includes information about Your physical or mental health condition and details of any offences You have committed or been charged with.
15.5.    Business changes
15.5.1.   If We, or a related company, are reorganised or sold to another organisation the personal data You have given Us may be transferred to that reorganised organisation or new organisation, and used for the purposes set out in this Privacy Statement. The new organisation will deal with Your personal data in line with UK law or, if We transfer Your information to countries which do not provide the same level of protection as the UK, Your personal data will be protected as if UK law applied.
15.6.    Overseas Transfer
15.6.1.   We may transfer Your personal information to countries located outside the European Economic Area (the EEA). This may happen when Our servers, suppliers and/or service providers are based outside of the EEA. The data protection laws and other laws of these countries may not be as comprehensive as those that apply within the EEA - in these instances We will take steps to ensure that Your privacy rights are respected and Your personal information processed in strict compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Details of the countries relevant to You will be provided to You upon request.
15.7.    Access to Your information
15.7.1.   You have the right to ask for a copy of the information We hold on You. There may be a charge for this. If any of the information We hold about You is wrong, please tell Us and We will put it right. To ask to see Your information write to The Customer Services Manager, Business & Domestic Administration Services, Warranty House, Savile Street East, Don Valley, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S4 7UQ or by e-mail to

Please note that similar cover for our products may be available from other suppliers. This plan does not have to be bought at the same time as the product, it can be purchased at any time during the Manufacturer's warranty period. If you have household insurance in place it may provide cover for the products you are buying and may in some cases duplicate the cover provided by this plan.

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