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Welcome to the Studio Help Section

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our new FAQ help section

This Section of the Site is designed to help you answer questions relating to the following subjects:


How do I order a copy of the latest catalogue?

Can I get extra copies of the catalogue?

  • If you need an extra copy of the catalogue please contact the Orderline on 0344 800 1122

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  The WebsiteThe Website

How do I register?

  • Registering with is easy. Once you've registered, important information is saved so you don't need to keep re-entering it. Your data is stored on secure servers and you can update it at anytime by clicking Your Account and signing in. Register your account here.

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Do I need an account with you to order goods?

What can I do if I have forgotten / lost or don't have my First Order Reference?

  • You can still place your order without this. Simply select all required items, then go to your Shopping Basket and click Go to Checkout. From here, click the New Customers Apply Now button and complete your personal details.

Can I pay online?

Can I view any of my account information online?

  • Yes - you can view the following :-

    Account balance - If you are an existing customer, go to Your Account. This will show your current balance.

    Previous orders - Your previous orders, including outstanding and despatched orders can also be viewed. To do this, go to Your Account and select 'Your orders'.

    Current and previous statements - If you are an existing customer, go to Your Account and select 'View Last Statement'. You can also view any of your last 12 statements by clicking 'View Previous Statements'. Your previous orders, including outstanding and despatched orders can also be viewed.

    Credit limit - If you are an existing customer, go to Your Account. This will show your credit limit.

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Can I update my contact details and mailing preferences online?

  • Yes, you can amend the following :-

    Email address - If you wish to change your email address, please go to Your Account and select 'Your personal details' then Change email and marketing preferences. Key your new email address, confirm it and then click on Save Changes. This will update your records.

    Website password - If you wish to change your password, please go to Your Account and select 'Your personal details' then Change login details. Key your new email password, confirm it and then click on Save Changes. This will update your records.

    Personal details - If you wish to update your personal details, please go to Your Account and select 'Your personal details' then Change personal details. Key your new details and then click on Save Changes. This will update your records.

    Address - If you wish to update your address, please go to Your Account and select 'Your personal details' then Change home address. Key your new details and then click on Save Changes. This will update your records.

    Unsubscribe from third party marketing emails - If you wish to change your email marketing preferences, please go to Your Account and select 'Your personal details' then Change email and marketing preferences. Scroll to the bottom of the page and uncheck the box stating 'Tick here if you are happy to receive such emails' then click on Save Changes. This will update your records.

    Unsubscribe from our mailing list - If you do not wish to receive catalogues or offers from us in the future, please contact us.

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How do I order goods?

  • You can place orders:
  • Online here at
  • By telephone. Simply call the Order line 0344 800 1122, lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please have ready your account number and/or first order reference and details of your order.
  • By posting your order to Studio, Preston, PR0 2BP, remember to include your account number if you have one.

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Where do I put my Advert Code?

  • New customers should enter any Advert Code in the First Order Reference box provided on the Account Application page at checkout. If ordering by telephone, you will be asked for this code prior to placing your order.

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Can I track the progress of my order?

  • Once you have received your account number, you can track your order on the website using our parcel tracking service. Simply go to Your Account and select 'Your Orders' then choose Track an order from the list of options. The contents of each parcel will be listed on screen and you can log on to our carrier's web site to track the progress of your delivery.
  • If you register your account online using a valid email address, we will also send you emails notifying you on the progress of your orders

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Do you accept International orders?

  • Sorry but we cannot accept International orders with the exception of BFPO addresses

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I can't see the same prices online as those listed in my catalogue

  • If you are shopping from a special offer catalogue please enter your special Order Code in the checkout before you place your order. Your basket will be updated and you will see your special prices. Your Order Code is a 3 digit number printed on your order form or on your catalogue pages.

  • Alternatively, you can use our Quick Shop option (top-right centre of every page) to place your order, entering the full item references of the items as they appear in your catalogue. Please enter your special Order Code in the checkout before you place your order.

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Can I cancel an order I have already placed?

Have you received my order?

  • If you are already a customer, you can check to see all the orders we have received from you by signing into Your Account clicking on 'Your Orders' then the See your past orders link.
  • New customers - Please allow 14 days for confirmation of your account. If you have not received any such confirmation after this time, please contact us.

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I have received goods which I did not order

How do I personalise an item?

  • Wherever you see these symbols Personalise, Personalise next to an item, it can be personalised for free. When ordering using 'Quick Shop', key in the full item reference, then enter the personalised details in the boxes provided. Once complete please check and confirm the personalised details are correct.

  • When ordering personalised items while browsing, a pop-up box will appear asking if you wish to personalise that item, click YES to personalise - a new window will open allowing you to enter the personalisation. When you start to type, the words or name will appear in the window in the style they will appear on the actual product. Click confirm to add your personalised item to your shopping basket.

  • If this window does not appear please check your internet browser's pop up blocker settings as this may prevent the window from appearing.

  • You can check your personalised details in your shopping basket shopping basket. The details you have added will show in the product description of the item and if you need to change anything you can simply click the option to 'Change'.

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Photo Personalisation - sending photographs - acceptable image formats & quality

How do I send my photo for printing?

  • Photo Personalisation items in your catalogue can be ordered online. If your photo is already on your computer, use our online photo personalisation feature. You will be able to see your photo as it will appear on your item, and we will be able to produce your goods much quicker. If you already know which product you want, enter the item number in the search box to order online.
  • If you only have a printed photograph, simply enter the catalogue item reference in Quick Shop, or choose the relevant option from the item details web page. We will then send you a mail pack with a pre-paid envelope so you can post your photo to us. We'll take good care of your photo and return it with your goods.

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What image formats can you accept?

  • We can only accept your uploaded image in JPEG/JPG format. This is a common image file format used by all digital cameras. Please refer to your camera instructions or image handling software for more details.

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How does image quality and resolution affect what will be printed?

  • We scan photographs at a resolution of 300 dots per inch which gives very good print quality. Please note if you are uploading your photo online we can only accept image files up to 5 megabytes in size. Most images will give excellent printed results with much smaller file sizes.

    When using image handling software to save in JPEG format, you will normally find a setting for the quality or 'compression'. Each time an image is amended then saved in this format, some quality is lost. Please make sure you use a high quality (low compression) setting, otherwise the reproduction quality of your item may be affected.

  • The following points may also affect your image on the finished goods:
  • Colour depth of your computer. This should be the highest possible setting to get the best possible image quality. A setting of at least 16-bit colour depth is recommended. Most digital cameras and modern computers work at 24-bit colour depth or higher.
  • Image dimensions & resolution.We print at 300dpi (dots per inch). As the printed area size varies on different items, some items will print better using bigger dimensioned images (more pixels). For example, some older mobile phone cameras produce fairly small JPG images (low number of pixels) which are also highly compressed. Usually these will not print well on larger items. A 3.2mega pixel camera in 'highest quality' setting will produce JPG images 2048px wide by 1536px high, typically around 1.5MB each. Much larger images will need to be resized before uploading to us - please use your photo editing software to produce a smaller file size (5MB maximum). Our website photo personalisation feature will warn you if the number of pixels in your image is low, and could adversely affect the finished item.
  • Computer monitors. To see the best representation of your image on screen, please ensure you have correctly adjusted your monitor controls for brightness, contrast, colour temperature, etc.

    When you upload your image, our website produces a much smaller version which is displayed on a preview of the item. This makes manipulating your image online quick and easy, but we still keep your original full image safe for producing your goods.

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Can I send a non-photographic image to be printed?

  • Providing you comply with our Terms & Conditions, we will endeavour to produce your goods using any image you post or upload. Please note that most images from websites are usually subject to copyright and the quality is too poor for photo personalisation. Unfortunately we are not able to use negatives.

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How long will it take for my order to be delivered?

  • With our standard delivery service, you should receive your goods within 7 and 14 working days. You can track your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with our online parcel tracking service. Also, in the unfortunate event that your parcel is delayed, we will provide an expected delivery date. Please allow 14 days before you contact us with full details.
  • Please note that some products may take longer, although this will be highlighted on the item details page on the website or next to the item on the catalogue page.

    Your first order must be delivered to your home address, however subsequent orders can be delivered to an alternative address. If you choose to do this, please ensure you:

  • Amend the relevant section in the 'Delivery Address Details' page of the checkout when ordering online
  • Provide the details to the operator if ordering by phone
  • Complete the 'Delivery Address' section on your written order form

  • Where possible we will deliver all of your items together although certain combinations of items or larger orders may be delivered in more than one parcel.

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What are the delivery charges?

  • Please view our delivery charge details.
  • Items marked with a heavy goods symbol Lorry will incur an additional delivery charge per item - on the website the extra costs for these items are clearly detailed and are included in the total item cost at the checkout stage. If you are shopping from a catalogue, the rate you pay is shown on the symbol in the catalogue / leaflet. To arrange for safe delivery of your goods you will be asked to provide a daytime and evening (if different) contact telephone number when completing your order. Please note, we do not deliver Heavy Goods to the Channel Islands.

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Why don't you collect unwanted goods?

  • As goods are not sold on a sale or return basis, you must return unwanted goods at your own cost. This ensures we can offer you the best prices.

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I have not received a credit for goods I have returned

  • If the items were returned more than 21 working days ago, please contact us with full details. Items returned less than 3 weeks ago will show on your next statement.

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How do I return a large item?

I need a return form

  • You can find a return form on the back of your invoice.

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  Your AccountYour Account

How do I make a payment?

To make a payment simply log on to, click on 'Your Account' and select the amount you wish to pay from your balance. Alternatively call 0371 200 0378 and select option 1.

We accept any of the following debit cards and credit cards.

There is a 1.5% card processing charge for credit card payments.

Cheque or postal orders. Please refer to the reverse of your invoice or statement for further details. Please do not send notes or coins through the post.

Bank Giro
Pay over the counter at your bank.
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Have you received my payment? / My payment is not showing on my account

  • If your latest payment is not showing on your current statement please remember that it can take up to 3 days for online or automated phone payments, and up to 14 days for other payments to show on your account. If your payment does not show after this time has elapsed, please contact us with full details for help.

    Note: when possible, please include your payment reference number (detailed on your payment confirmation e-mail), for all queries relating to website payments. For card payments, please also include a copy of your card statement detailing the payment taken.

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What do I do if I cannot afford to make my monthly payment?

  • If you are having difficulty making your minimum payment and you are covered by Payment Protection Insurance please call our Financial Services Department on 0371 376 9954 to get help with a claim.
  • If you are not covered by Payment Protection Insurance, we can offer a short term revised payment plan for a maximum of 3 months. Please contact us, we may be able to assist with a temporary revised payment plan.

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Can I view my credit agreement?

  Privacy and SecurityPrivacy & Security

What is your security policy?

  • Please see our security policy.

    Your browser will go into secure mode as soon as you click to go into the 'checkout' or before you enter any personal details. You can check that you are shopping in a secure site by looking for either a locked padlock icon or an image of a key in the grey bar at the bottom of your browser screen, or next to the address bar at the top.

    We only accept orders that are placed using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This technology prevents you from inadvertently revealing personal information using an un-secure connection.

    If you have any further questions or concerns regarding security, please contact us

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What are cookies?

  • Cookies are text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages. 24Studio uses cookies to keep your basket up to date and to remember you when you return to our site. To shop at 24Studio you need to have all cookies enabled. Our cookies will not harm your computer and do not contain any personal or private information. For more information please refer to our privacy policy in the Terms & Conditions

    Cookie and tracking preferences

    Choose your cookie and tracking preferences:

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Will you share my personal information with other companies?

  • We use information we collect about you to administer your account, promote goods and services to you and for market research purposes. You have the right to ask for a copy of the information we hold on you and to have any inaccuracies corrected. If you do not want us to share your details with third party companies, please contact us. For more information please refer to our privacy policy in the Terms & Conditions

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  Financial MattersFinancial Matters


  What is my account number and why do I need one?

What is a default sum?

Why has a default sum been added to my account?

  • We send statements every 28 days, this advises of the minimum payment needed, and the date when the payment needs to reach us. This date is usually 21 days after the statement date. If you fail to make the minimum payment by the required date, we will levy a default sum to your account.

    This is detailed in your Credit Agreement which states: "We shall have the right to charge you whenever you fail to make a payment under the agreement, and either we, or someone acting for us, has to remind you to make a payment".

    And in the catalogue which also states "We reserve the right to apply a default sum each time we have to remind you and the amount of any losses and reasonable costs we incur as a result of your default. These will include (but are not limited to) the costs of tracing you, notifying you of your default and enforcing payment of any amount due. View an example copy of our credit agreement (new window). You can also view the Explanation of Credit - PDF document (new window) which contains corresponding information clearly explaining your credit agreement.

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What is my credit limit?

  • You can now view your credit limit on the website. Simply register your details if you have not already done so, and click on 'Your Account' at the top of the page. Here, you will see a summary of your account details including your credit limit.

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How can I increase my credit limit?

  • The credit limit on your account is automatically reviewed on a regular basis and may increase or decrease depending on payment history and order values.

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What is a service charge?

  • We give you a choice of how to pay for your goods, so that you can choose a method which suits you best.
    If you choose to pay the whole amount owing within 21 days of your statement date no service charge is applied.
    Alternatively you can choose to pay for your goods in instalments. In this case a service charge (interest) is charged to your account each month, until the account balance is cleared.

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Can I still shop with Studio if I move abroad?

  • Regrettably we cannot despatch goods to overseas addresses with the exception of BFPO addresses.

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  Contact UsHow do I contact you?

  • If you have any comments or queries relating to any aspect of our product range or service use the contact us link to contact us securely or send an e-mail to

    Our Customer Careline phone number is 0371 200 0378. Lines are open 8am - 10pm, 7 days a week.

    Our Orderline phone number is 0344 800 1122. Lines are open 24h a day, 7 days a week.

    Calls from residential fixed lines cost between 1p and 9p per minute. Calls from mobiles can vary so please check with your provider.

    Alternatively you may write to us at: Customer Care Dept., Studio, Preston, PR0 2BP.


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